Tuesday, January 1, 2013

{knick knack chaddywhack}

Our favorite son:) We are so blessed to have you. You have delighted us with your jokes and funny facial expressions, quick wit and sharp mind, sensitivity to others feelings, and love of adventure (as long as it's around the house). One of your favorite places in Kansas is the Exploration Place, where you can see science at work. You still struggle to talk to girls, much less be nice to them- got a little of Calvin ('n' Hobbs) in you. You enjoy playing hero factories, and have asked for one every birthday for the last 3 years. You turned a big 8 this November! After opening presents this year at Christmas, you found your wish list. Excitedly, you said, "I'm gonna cross off everything I got!" Then your shoulders slumped when you realized there was nothing to cross off. I felt really bad that I had not seen that list, and that we could not buy you much. I've been in school for a year and a half, and we just bought the old homestead. Money is not tight, but must be closely managed. I apologized to you. 30 minutes later, you knocked on the door and said, "I figured out how to make you feel better about the Christmas presents!" On the bottom of the previous list, you had written everything you HAD gotten, and crossed them out. You constantly make me smile.
This year, you finished first grade at Mariposa in Redlands, CA and had a big summer at Nana and Papa's in Indiana. We all met up in Denver in August for Darren's wedding and had a nice family vacation. Then in August, we moved to Wichita so that I could start my residency. You started 2nd grade at Robinson in Augusta. Though you didn't like it near as much as Mariposa, you have trooped through and done your best with a good attitude (most of the time). Though we all miss Pathway in CA, we started going to Eastside Community Church. After getting over your fear of dancing, you jumped right in and enjoy your time at Adventure Kidz. We got family pictures taken, and you made goofy faces in almost all of them. When we reminded you we were paying for them, you exclaimed in disgust, "That's the stupidest thing- PAYING for your own picture to be taken!" Well, we got a few good ones...
This month, you started helping daddy fix up the barn. We are excited about you growing up into a boy with values and good work ethic.

I wish the world for you. I look in your eyes and see loads of potential. I only hope daddy and I up to the task of giving you the opportunities you need to excel. I'm excited about what this year has in store for you!

Your new years' resolution: Tae kwon do, getting into the GATE program at school, baseball, and bettering your swimming skills.